Physical inactivity and associated factors in adults of a basic health unit: An observational cross-sectional study


  • Jéssica Lucio da Silva
  • Rodrigo Franco de Oliveira
  • Larissa Dragonetti Bertin
  • Priscila Daniele de Oliveira
  • Flavia Beltrão Pires
  • Ana Flávia Spadaccini
  • Monique Vieira de Souza
  • Adriele Flausino dos Santos
  • Deise Aparecida de Almeida Pires-Oliveira



Motor Activity, Risk Factors, Prevalence.


Background: Physical inactivity (PI) is one of the most important risk factors that contribute to the development of chronic diseases, including cardiovascular diseases. Objective: To analyze the prevalence and associated factors with PI in adults from a Basic Health Unit in the city of Uraí, state of Paraná. Methods: An observational, descriptive, cross-sectional study was performed at Basic Health Unit of Uraí, and 100 subjects of both genders were evaluated, the average age of 47.55 ± 17.13 years. The data collection was carried through an interview where information of sociodemographic characteristics, consumption of alcoholic beverages, tobacco use, level of physical activity (PA) (IPAQ-8, short version), information of anthropometric measures, waist circumference, and rest blood pressure were collected. The Chi-square and Odds Ratio test was used, considering 95% of confidence interval, using the statistical package SPSS, version 20.0, with a significance level of p <0.05. Results: The prevalence of PI on the sample studied was 66% in both genders. The factors significantly associated with the PI were: advanced age ≥ 40 years (p <0.01), overweight with BMI ≥ 25 (p <0.013), abdominal circumference above 102 cm in men and 88 cm (p <0.042) (P <0.001) and high blood pressure ≥130 / 85 mmHg (p <0.025). Conclusion: The prevalence of associated factors with PI it is high, which suggests the need of public policies and awareness of the importance of oriented-prevention physical activity practice.


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Silva, J. L. da, Oliveira, R. F. de, Bertin, L. D., Oliveira, P. D. de, Pires, F. B., Spadaccini, A. F., … Pires-Oliveira, D. A. de A. (2018). Physical inactivity and associated factors in adults of a basic health unit: An observational cross-sectional study. Manual Therapy, Posturology & Rehabilitation Journal, 1–6.



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