Sleep during, overweight and obesity in adolescence: a systematic review.

  • Maritza Lordsleem Silva
  • Raphael José Perrier Melo
  • Penelopy Dabbicco
  • Clara Maria Silvestre Monteiro de Freita
Keywords: Adolescents. Sleep. Overweight. Obesity


Introduction: In adolescence, intense social and school demands, hormonal changes that modify the circadian
rhythms and the overuse of electronic equipments causes an inadequate sleep duration to adolescents. Studies have
linked short sleep duration with the increase odds to have overweight and obesity. Objective: To identify articles that
analyzed relationship between inadequate sleep time and overweight and obesity in adolescents. Method: It was done
a research on Bireme (Lilacs and MEDLINE), PubMed, Scielo and Ibecs for two independents researchers using Portuguese and English keywords: “sleep”, “sleep duration”, “adolescence”, “obesity” and “overweigh”. It was considerated
as inclusion criteria: sample with 10-19-year adolescents, original articles between 2002 and 2013 in Portuguese and
English. Therefore, it was excluded review articles, thesis, dissertations and monographs. Results: The initial Electronic search resulted in 663 articles and, after process of article select with read of titles, resumes and the complete form, it was selected 15 articles. Conclusion: Inadequate levels of sleep duration are associated with increase of
overweight and obesity in adolescents

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